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First Impressions That IMPACT

You have approximately ten seconds to make a good first impression on your landing page before the potential customer clicks away. In those ten seconds, you need to persuade them not only to stay on your page but also that you might be able to provide the solution to their problem.

Oftentimes, customers will click off a company’s website because they didn’t find what they were looking for or there was too much information. A properly designed landing page is key to making a sale.

Show the World What You're Capable Of

Your landing page is more than just a signpost for customers; it needs to tell them, in as few words as possible, what your business does and how you can help solve their problem.
You need to understand your customer’s pain points and figure out how your product or service can help them before bogging down your landing page with too much information.
@227’s landing pages are designed with the customer in mind. They are easy to navigate and understand, and show the customer what your brand is all about and what you can offer them. These Landing Pages are proven to convert customers into paying customers, as they leave knowing exactly what your business stands for.

A customer experience
that's easy to navigate

Your customers should always be able to find the latest information about your business on your landing page. Remember to keep the landing page updated with new product offerings and services, so that your customers are always in the loop.

If you’re running a business, then ideally you have more than one landing page. This is because each landing pages should be catering to a unique target audience. It can get difficult to update and keep track of them all at once if you don’t have a system in place though.

@227 provides templates for your customers that are easy to update and use, no matter how much your business changes.

Business Web Design

In order to ensure that your website is successful, you need to not only create it well but also design it with the user experience in mind.