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Learn How to Keep Your viewers Engaged and Coming Back for More

It’s crucial to connect with your customers on a personal level as they are spending more time online. Advertising strategies that focus on customer engagement will help you create loyalty.

Outbound marketing works best when it doesn’t come across as invasive to your target audience. To avoid this while still promoting your brand, use available technology to learn more about who you’re trying to reach, what interests them, and create advertisements based on that information.

@227 places your brand where your target audience will see it most, so they’ll think of you when they need a product or service like yours.

Marketing Should Be Driven By Data

It’s time to change your perspective on advertising if you believe that “bigger is always better.” In the past, businesses have relied on mass broadcasting through radio and television. The more people you reach, the logic goes, then the better your product or service will sell.

The past is in the rear-view mirror. Now, with data technology right at your fingertips, you can create a user persona to get an idea of who exactly would be interested in your product or service and where those people are active online. Then, you can use ads as a cost-effective way to reach them successfully.

@227 advertising assets are designed to increase conversion rates and get customers on the right track from the very beginning. We start our marketing campaigns with data optimization so your brand is guaranteed to be seen by those who need it most.

New Ways to Bring in More Leads

After you’ve sent your ads out to your target audience, it’s important to continue working on generating leads from that engagement.

By understanding how to generate leads from your ads, you create interest in your product or service, which is essential for any business.

Once someone shows interest in your ad, it’s important to follow up with them and turn that interaction into a business relationship. @227 connects your ads to your website so you can see what brings customers in, as well as provides a platform to talk with potential clients. This way, you can take good advertising and turn it into great business opportunities.

Accelerate Your Growth

You don’t have time to waste on marketing, see what @227 can do for you.